Here is what you need to know about Engagement Sessions | Tulsa Wedding Photographer

Mikayla & Logan
— Dresser Mansion — Tulsa, OK

We get the question of “How many photos do we get in our engagement session?” and here’s the answer! There are several factors that go into the “final count” of images you will receive!


#1- Are you wanting a “full” session or “mini”session? Time shooting is the number one factor of how many images you will be able to decorate you house with and we have different packages to fit your different needs!


#2- Another factor is how many outfits. We love showcase all sides of your personality from converse to cocktail dresses! The more variety in your wardrobe the more variety in your deliverable images! Makes sense right 😁


#3-Lastly is your willingness to participate. It may sound silly but it’s true! If you are loving it and playing around with us we are able to capture soooo many magical moments! On the other side of that, if you’re super grumpy that will effect your images as well 😾