Jacob and Olivia's Engagement | Tulsa ENGAGEMENT Photographer

Jacob & Olivia
April 2019 — Rustic Redbird Lodge

From the first time we got to chat with Jacob, we knew being a part of his “annual photo shoot” with his girlfriend Olivia was going to be super special! He was planning a weekend getaway and couples photo session for himself and Olivia to celebrate their 4th Anniversary of dating. Little did Olivia know, Jacob was planning to propose during their photo session!!!

After a quick phone call to move up their session due to incoming weather, and another quick call to figure out how exactly he planned to pop the question, we were all set. During the shoot, we asked them to write their favorite thing about each other on a chalk board, then we would have them turn to each other and reveal it. When Olivia turned around, our buddy Jacob was on his knee, ring in hand, with a sign saying ‘Will You Marry Me?”. She definitely seemed surprised…. and happy! After she said ‘yes’ we got to hang out and get a few more photos with them showing off some of the most genuine smiles ever, and a fancy new ring! Well done Jacob!!!

Needless to say, we loved our time with these two and are so happy for them!